We have a number of highly qualified and experienced coaches to help athletes improve their performance and technique.


Lead Coaches:

Jim Hayes (Level 2)

Sam Hughes (CiRF)

Heather Stanex (CiRF)

Rosi Earney (CiRF)

Stephen Beattie (CiRF)

Allyson Beattie (CiRF)

Michael Barton (CiRF)

James McBratney (CiRF)

Assistant Coaches:     

Phil Gilmore, Paul Edgar, Mark Elliott, Sandra Grimason, Tricia Kerr, Denise Bingham.

Coach led training sessions take place each week on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.


(Our main training session of the week)

Format:                      Various sessions; Tempo, Reps, Fartlek, Pyramids

Training in groups as defined by 3KTT

Time:                          7.15pm

Location:                    North Down Cricket Club

In order to ensure that every athlete get the most out of their training session we split athletes into five training groups, based on their current pace. This pace is determined by regular 3k time trials throughout the year and regularly updated through open race results. All athletes have the opportunity to progress through the groups as per the time categories below:

A+ Group – 3K in under 10.30

A Group – 3K in 10.30-12.30

Intermediates – 3K in 12.30-14.30

Progressive Group – 3K in 14.30-16.30

Fitness Group – 3K in 16.30+


Format:                      Speed/ Hill sessions

All together

Time:                          7.15pm

Location:                   North Down Cricket Club


Format:                      Support Comber Park Run

Time:                          9.30am

Location:                    Park Way, Comber


Format:                      Long Run

Time:                          9am

Location:                    Meet in Comber Square