Finishing places will be decided by a competitor’s adjusted finishing time determined by the club handicap system. The first 10 adjusted places will score points on the following basis:

1st – 25 points

2nd – 22 points

3rd – 20 points

4th – 17 points

5th – 14 points

6th – 12 points

7th – 10 points

8th – 8 points

9th – 5 points

10th – 3 points

All entries outside the 10 places will score 2 points and these will not be in addition to the points awarded above.

In 2019 there will be opportunities to score extra participation points at selected races.

The overall Ballydrain Super Series winner will be the participant with the highest score from their best 8 from 15 races.

There will be a prize for completing all 15 races plus an incentive for all athletes who complete the minumum number of races required,

Number of Races

There are 15 events in the Super Series. To be eligible to win the series a competitor must complete at least 8 races from the 15 in the Series


In the event of a tie the points score in the 7th, 8th, 9th & 10th races will determine the winner.

Cancellation of Races

In the event of a cancellation of a race(s), the compulsory number of races to be completed may be revised by the Super Series Committee.