The Ballydrain Harriers Super Series is all about recognizing those individuals within the club who have consistently pushed themselves to improve throughout an entire season.

The 2019 Ballydrain Super Series comprises of 15 of pre-selected races, across various distances and terrain, scheduled throughout the season, on various days/evenings to give everyone the opportunity to take part.

Each club member has a handicap – their handicap is based on their current PBs over 5K and 10K (i.e. within the last two years),

At the end of each of Super Series race, the results team calculate the top 10 finishers on adjusted times, i.e. based on their current handicaps, and award points on a descending scale – meaning anyone can win!

The winner of each race will receive a superstar trophy.

Where a runner improves their 10K or 5K time throughout the season, this will be reflected in their new handicap for the next race.

The ultimate winner of the Super Series is the club member who scores the highest points across a maximum number of races – in 2018 this was 6 races (from a series of 10), in 2019 this will increase to 8 races (from a series of 15).

In 2019 prizes will also be awarded for the highest placed individual from each training group, so this is both a competition amongst our training peers and the rest of the club!

The 2019 Super Series is 100% for all Ballydrain members and we would encourage everyone to give it a go!

Previous winners:

2014 – Norman Mawhinney
2015 – Heather Stanex
2016 – Gary Long
2017 – Craig Ringland
2018 – Paul Flynn